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Secret Arcade | The Cosmo and many more – now! The Cosmo and many more – now! – Secret Arcade

The Cosmo and many more – now!

If you are looking for a brand new take on the Cosmo, the new Venetian Cosmo is the drink for you! A concoction created by Santiago Wilkenson, this drink mixes a unique blend of flavors to make it a true one of a kind!

Two ounces of Vodka 14 are paired with one ounce of Cointreau, half an ounce each of Leopold’s New England Cranberry Liqueur and fresh blood orange juice, and 3 ounces of Prosecco to create a drink that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Despite these new cocktail selections and the over 100 vodka selections available at The Secret Arcade Pub, there are so many other things to enjoy when you walk in the door. Enjoy a great night out with friends while you watch the big screen TV or dance to the DJ’s music. Come share in the experience of trying out great new vodka cocktails while you enjoy a fabulous night out at The Secret Arcade Pub in Edinburgh!



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