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The Secret Arcade Pub in Edinburgh is already known as the vodka drinker’s paradise but it is now offering even more of the new and upcoming vodka selections! Patrons are given the opportunity to relax and mingle with friends over brand new vodka drinks. The Secret Arcade Pub has unleashed four of the most delicious [...]
The Cucumber Dill Martini, created by Armando Rosario, offers some great fresh flavors for those looking for a light, crisp and smooth cocktail. This drink partners 2 ounces of UK5 Organic Vodka with a sprig of organic dill, one ounce of fresh lime juice and 2 slices organic cucumber to enhance the already bold and [...]
If you are looking for a brand new take on the Cosmo, the new Venetian Cosmo is the drink for you! A concoction created by Santiago Wilkenson, this drink mixes a unique blend of flavors to make it a true one of a kind! Two ounces of Vodka 14 are paired with one ounce of [...]

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Experience the essence of Scottish whisky, let us take you for a taste ride to all Scottish regions by trying our Whisky Tours! Come and enjoy a dram in the heart of old Scotland and feel the mystique. Taste the mystical...

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