A secret is worth sharing and so is our Secret Arcade Bar; a vodka drinker’s paradise, deep in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, but first you need to know where the Secret Arcade vodka bar is. On Cockburn Street, find the Arcade Haggis and Whiskey Bar, take a wander down the little lane next to it named Jackson’s Close and hey presto you are there. Many treats await those who venture into the Secret Arcade’s welcoming doors, as there are over 100+ vodkas to choose from!

The Secret Arcade though is not just a vodka bar but a place to socialise and meet up with friends before or during that big night out on the town. Or come along and watch a big match game on our wide screen TV. Why not make your visit to us a bit extra special with some tasty Polish food and snacks. You will find that we have a great dedicated DJ area; bring your own DJ and some friends and make it a party night at the Secret Arcade pub.

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What about an extraordinary sip (or two) of spiced plum and hazelnut vodka, full-blooded 79% proof or cool yourself down with some feisty frozen vodka. The choice here will amaze you as you will see from our double sided vodka menu! Molecular Cocktails are our speciality; these cocktails have a space-age touch of science. We may just be the only ones who do them in Scotland so worth visiting us just to try one, go on we dare you! What are they? Well it has vodka and…sorry it’s a secret you need to come along and find out what it is for yourself! As we are open from 6pm until 1am you will have plenty time to enjoy.

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